• Campbell Sutherland

How the use of Drones is helping to inspect Roofs, where access is challenging.

There has been a lot of negative media around the use of drones. Like all technology it can be put to positive, productive use, but in the wrong hands, can also be used for negative purposes, for all the wrong reasons.

Total Home Inspection Services have started implementing the use of drones into some of our Wellington building inspections. We use drones to view roofs with challenging access, or roofs at height, which are deemed to dangerous to inspect, without substantial and expensive, health and safety measures.

My philosophy is to use drones with respect. Respect for public, privacy, safety, security and obey local Aviation law.

When inspecting roofs, nothing can beat physically getting up there and examining the roof with your own eyes.

Being a qualified roofer, working at heights is like second nature to me, however there is a point where you have to say no, this is too risky.

The DJI Spark is the perfect drone to access, and inspect these types of roofs.

The Spark is GPS enabled, and has an exceptional 12 MP 2-axis gimble 1080p camera.

This allows me to hover at a safe distance off the roof, and take the appropriate photos,

with the high resolution camera. The zoom and resolution is powerful enough to see corrosion on top of a nail head.

I can gauge safely from the drone photos, weather or not the roof requires remedial work,

and can advise within my building reports, the best course of action.

The DJI Spark in action. About to inspect a 45 degree pitched roof.

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